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Welcome to The School of the Gifted Youngsters.. I'm Charles Xavier, and I want to bid you welcome.

Times have changed....just as human Evolution changes as things go on. There is always changes -- phases in Evolution that happen. There are the ones who choose to Fight peacefully to live alongside humans... and then there are the ones who wish to stand up against humankind... the choice in which path you take, rests upon your mind.

Setting: This is based two years after the first X-men movie. The Brotherhood of Mutants are within-- now that Mystique is morphine under as Senator Robert Kelley. The Call of the "Danger" of Mutants is growing and growing ... the thing is.... no one knows....

Will there be a mutant Holocaust?

Times are pressing upon Charles and his school of students as the Media is growing and growing about how mutants are "unfit" or "unworthy" to live in the same society as the rest of us. Many of the students are thinking of joining the brotherhood -- or rebelling on their own.

((This rp is not owned by me. The idea of Xmen is copyrighted by Marvel Comics and the movie plot was copyrighted by Fox Entertainment. We dont own any of theese Characters...(even though in our wildest fantasies we do wish we did) This is a roleplay that is moderated by northfallenstar and co-moderated by retronami. We hope you'll have fun trying to roleplay in here with us. ))

Cast of Characters:

The X-men

Professor Charles Xavier- x_physics
Scott Summers/Cyclops -
Doctor Jean Gray - useyourmind
Logan / Wolverine - sharpadamantium
Remy LeBeau / Gambit - acadiandream
Ororo Monroe / Storm - serpentinestorm
Kurt / Nightcrawler - blue_elf
Jubilation Lee / Jubilee - mallratchica
Robert Drake / Iceman - breathingice
St. John Allerdyce/ Pyro - light_my_fire
Marie D'Canto/ Rogue - scarletrogue
Kathrine Pryde/ Kitty - kitty_pryde_
Sam / CannonBall - rocketjetpak
Warran / ArchAngel - soaringangel

The Brotherhood of Mutants

Magneto/Mystique- midniteraven