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Xavier's School for the Gifted -- Xmen RP's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Xavier's School for the Gifted -- Xmen RP

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OCC [12 Jun 2003|09:48pm]

Ok peeps iam moving over to GenerationXmen. I hope i still get to rp with people here otherwise thanks for a cool time and good luck for the future.
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[16 May 2003|09:49am]

This is just in case some of you don't check x-men war yet. Kitty's back to being good and is in the medlab weak but alright til I get home monday sometime.

Loves to you all!
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OOC [09 May 2003|03:04pm]

Icons for spiritwhisper.

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Argh! [07 May 2003|08:23pm]

(Off Post)

Seems like i cant use Aol Messenger on my univeristy computer *raises fist* its a big long story, but thats why dont appear online. If peeps wanna rp through msn though i have no problem with that, it would be easier.


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[30 Apr 2003|08:28pm]

You know what? I'am quiting.

If your going to ignore your members then what is the point in me posting?

This really is a great rp. Its just a shame afew people are ignored.
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earlier curfew [27 Apr 2003|01:25am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

((I'm posted here because of difficulties with the new community.))

I'd like to inform everyone that curfew is now 8:30pm on weekdays and 9:30pm on weekends.


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Informations is the key [26 Apr 2003|01:48pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Alrighty guys, if anyone else hasn't noticed or known, our community is dead. We're active and all but since Lisa switched names (I'm not trying to seem like I'm blaming you or anything sug' *hugs*) it's not working anymore. Because of this, we're transferring to xavier_school which means we can either start all over or just continue. It's all up to us. If you have any questions just im me since I'm online almost 24 hours a day.

Lots of love,
Karina xoxo

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[22 Apr 2003|06:58pm]

I'am so so so so so sorry for not posting recently. I've been away for the weekend.

I also wanted to ask something. Would people mind if i posted differently to everyone else? Its just i find it really hard to write in 1st person perspective. I promise it shouldnt be a problem with peeps replying and stuff. Where ever i put for example just reply in a comment what you would say.

But seriously if it is a prob i understand and ill try to get my head around 1st person.

Thank ya very much :)

Grace x
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Question [21 Apr 2003|01:56am]

Is anyone playing Emma Frost or is she an NPC? Because I have a friend who may be interested in playing her
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NEWS at 5 [20 Apr 2003|08:52pm]

Hi... this is your Anchorwoman Mari Yung with your 5 o'clock news.

In our Top story.... Senator Robert Kelley spoke in Congress today about the Rising rallies of Mutant Registration :

Senator Robert Kelley: There will be a day... that mutants and mankind will be in the middle of a full blown war... and may GOD have mercy on our souls....when that day comes

Despite the news that Senator Robert Kelly was trying to uplift into the hearts of the Senate, the many rallies, protests, burnings and so on of many mutant homes and facilities have not stopped within the last few years. Many cases of mutants turning up murdered, shot and brutally massacared have been higher and higher as the numbers climb.... and there is only one thing that is on the minds of the amercan people.....

Will there be a war?

This is Mari Yung... channel 5 news... back to you in the station
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VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ [20 Apr 2003|08:29pm]

[ mood | apologetic and determined ]

Okay....we're gonna get this done and out of the way now.....

rant of apologyCollapse )

Okay....now that it's said and done.....can we start fresh with a new idea...? Please? We're a family here...and I want us to just have fun.........

In here... also... could you guys post your IC journal name, OOC journal name... and contact info again in comments so we have it? please?

Okay.. enough of my ranting ... let's get back to our usual loving funness

~with MUCHMUCHMUCH love,
your moderator whose happy to have people

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