Raven Darkholme aka Mystique (midniteraven) wrote in xavierschool_rp,
Raven Darkholme aka Mystique

NEWS at 5

Hi... this is your Anchorwoman Mari Yung with your 5 o'clock news.

In our Top story.... Senator Robert Kelley spoke in Congress today about the Rising rallies of Mutant Registration :

Senator Robert Kelley: There will be a day... that mutants and mankind will be in the middle of a full blown war... and may GOD have mercy on our souls....when that day comes

Despite the news that Senator Robert Kelly was trying to uplift into the hearts of the Senate, the many rallies, protests, burnings and so on of many mutant homes and facilities have not stopped within the last few years. Many cases of mutants turning up murdered, shot and brutally massacared have been higher and higher as the numbers climb.... and there is only one thing that is on the minds of the amercan people.....

Will there be a war?

This is Mari Yung... channel 5 news... back to you in the station
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