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Okay....we're gonna get this done and out of the way now.....

Okay....this is the rant of apology from yours truly -- the moderator.

I messed up. I was being WAY too mary-sueish.

But i'll be damned if i'm going to have everyone talking about it behind each others backs if such is the case that happens. So Here is what i want to do to keep this going on a steady (and hopefully back to normal and healthy rp without any further problems) :

**FIRST AND FORMOST -- Read the User Information in the Profile for the Community -- you'll see why for the setting/story****

1) the NPC of Charles, Magneto, Mystique and the "News" will be done by me
2) All relationships can keep the same -- Bobby/Remy -- Jubes/Johnny.....ect. We wont fuck with the timeframe that way.
3) Rogue spends a few good days with Professor Xavier -- speaking about what is going on with her power -- and the whole "renegade mutants" that had attacked her.....and the jump by Mystique (we arent going to include sabretooth) is just trying to possibly take rogue for studying the factor of her blood -- for the ability of mutation by using her ability -- but when we find out that her ability is only temporary to absorb power.... Magneto's need for her wells thinner -- and the larger picture is unfolded

Now, in terms of bringing Characters into the rp (or new people who want to participate....)

1) it will either be run past northfallenstar or retronami -- you can contact either of us
2) *try* your hardest to keep your character involved with the rp as much as possible -- we dont need dead weight happening in the rp (as harsh as that sounds -- we want to keep it going in a smooth fashion) if not-- email either myself or Ene and we'll get your character out of the rp
3) Have fun ....... and if there is a problem.... please dont hesitate to talk to one of us..... okay?

Okay....now that it's said and done.....can we start fresh with a new idea...? Please? We're a family here...and I want us to just have fun.........

In here... also... could you guys post your IC journal name, OOC journal name... and contact info again in comments so we have it? please?

Okay.. enough of my ranting ... let's get back to our usual loving funness

~with MUCHMUCHMUCH love,
your moderator whose happy to have people
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